Lat. 39° 07’ 00” Nord

"Marina di Forio" is a tourist port at the entry to the Gulf of Naples. Located on the western side of the island of Ischia between the prosperous promontories of Punta Caruso and Punta Imperatore, it is open to the most beautiful sea routes of the Mediterranean.

Dedicated to quality nautical tourism and equipped with the most advanced features for the reception of excellent yachting, the port, situated right in the heart of the protected sea area of the Kingdom of Neptune, has been designed with perfect regard to its environmental and scenic impact. "Marina di Forio" offers perfectly equipped berths from 6 to 40 meters length, set in a context with access to urban and specialist services. A modern redevelopment project, realized in the extraordinary surrounding of a marvellous island where nature, landscape and culture perfectly harmonize on the remains of a more than two thousand-year-old Mediterranean civilization reaching back to the first settlements of Magna Graecia. Thanks to its favourable climate, the bays and beaches with crystal clear water, the scent of sea and flowers, the green of the woods and the world-renowned thermal springs, the island of Ischia is a most coveted destination. A unique location where to enjoy to the full a boat holiday with the chance to glory in the breath-taking view of the sunset observed from the pier and where to discover the most fascinating destinations and short and long-haul cruises of the Mediterranean.

Long. 09° 30’ 44” Est


In questa sezione scoprirai tutti i vantaggi relativi all’erogazione dei servizi principali offerti da Marina di Forio e dalle società terze.

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Distances from the main tourist destinations in Campania

Latitude 40.73577
Longitude 13.85551
GMT +1


Miles 10.5 | Km 19.5

Capo Miseno

Miles 7.1 | Km 13.2


Miles 18.0 | Km 33.3

Torre del Greco

Miles 19.4 | Km 36.0

Torre Annunziata

Miles 23.0 | Km 42.6


Miles 24.4 | Km 45.2


Miles 21.0 | Km 39.9


Miles 29.0 | Km 53.7


Miles 24.6 | Km 64.0


Miles 29.0 | Km 53.7


Miles 18.0 | Km 33.3


Miles 48.5 | Km 90.0


Miles 26.5 | Km 49.0

Procida (Harbor)

Miles 4.2 | Km 7.8

Forio city

Forio is situated between two beautiful promontories, Punta Caruso and Punta Imperatore, between which there are some of the most beautiful beaches and coves of the island of Ischia. Here sea waters are iridescent green as they reflect tre green vineyards that slope down mount Epomeo offering a setting of incomparable beauty.

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